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Winter Wellness Program

The weather this time of year in Austin is… let’s say “interesting.” Some days it really feels like fall. Other times you’ll think we’re heading straight back into summer. But yeah, there’s also those days when autumn pretends to be winter.

To sum up, November weather in Austin is a (sometimes) hot mess.

All of these changing weather conditions demand that your body adjust rapidly to prevent from getting sick. Not to mention that many conditions get worse when temperatures turn cooler or when there’s more rain. Thankfully, there are ways you can support your body during times of transition. That’s why we created the Winter Wellness Program.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Proactively prevent colds and other viral infections (and treat them quickly if they do arise)

  • Address chronic condition that get worse when it’s cold outside

  • Ward off stress, depression, or anxiety that pops up this time of year

  • Be your healthiest self year-round

  • Benefit from getting more frequent acupuncture treatments

  • Customize your herbal medicine whenever you want

Winter Wellness Within Reach

When you join the Winter Wellness Program you basically have an acupuncturist on call.

Come in as many times as you need to help your body adjust to the changing seasons, address chronic conditions, or to fight off that sore throat that you woke up with this morning.

UNLIMITED acupuncture or UNLIMITED herbal consultations.

The Winter Wellness Program for acupuncture includes unlimited acupuncture treatments for 1 month, which means you can come in as many times as you like, for only $300.

The Winter Wellness program for herbal consultations includes unlimited herbal consultations for 1 month for only $125. We will adjust your herbal formula as needed for your changing symptoms and/or changing weather conditions. Note: this does not include the cost of herbs.

In addition to unlimited appointments, you’ll also get lifestyle and dietary guidelines specifically for your needs to stay your healthiest.

Book Your Appointment Today!

To learn more schedule an appointment, send us a message, or call/text us at (737) 217-6404.

Small print: The 1 month time period begins at your first appointment after signing up for the Winter Wellness Program and lasts for 30 days. The Winter Wellness Program for acupuncture includes acupuncture treatments only and excludes all other types of appointments. The Winter Wellness Program for herbal consultations includes herbal consultations appointments only and excludes all other types of appointments. Appointments may not be available on all days or at all times, but appointment priority will be given to those in the Winter Wellness Program. If you change your mind about the program, you can request a refund up to 5 days after signing up. That’s it. The end.

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