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What is Wellness?

Our bodies are truly amazing self-healing creations. But in many ways, they weren’t designed for our non-stop, modern-day life, which places so many never-ending demands on us. The stress is palpable.

To add more challenges to our ability to self-heal, we now come in contact with an increased amount of toxins in our everyday environments from food, water, and the air we breathe. And those who’ve experienced physical and/or emotional trauma, which is an unfortunately large number of us, have even more obstacles to move through.

It’s no wonder that many of us experience chronic, mysterious, and stubborn conditions that just don’t seem to go away.

Symptoms are different for each person and can range from allergies, pain, lack of energy, brain fog, insomnia, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, feeling generally unwell, and so on.

Thankfully, our bodies still hold the wisdom to self-heal and the ability to flourish in modern times. That’s where we come in.

At Adventures in Wellness, we work with you to figure out the best way to get you back to optimum health.

Using natural and non-addictive methods like acupuncture, custom herbal formulas, tuina (bodywork), and nutritional and lifestyle counseling, we work together to guide you back to wellness.

We go in-depth into your concerns and medical history to identify the root cause of your condition. Then spend time to understand your specific challenges to create custom treatment plans specifically to address your needs. We’re here to be your partner along the way.

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